1. Population of india vs usa essay
Population of india vs usa essay

Population of india vs usa essay

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Country compare Indian or U . s . States

  • Capital: Innovative Delhi
  • Population: 1,352,617,328
  • Surface Area: 3,287,259 km2
  • Currency: Indian rupees (1 EUR=78.9205 INR)
  • Religion: Mainly Hindu
  • Belongs to: ACD, BIMSTEC, BRICS, G20, IMF, MGC, Not, SAARC
  • Capital: Oregon D.C.
  • Population: 327,352,000
  • Surface Area: 9,831,510 km2
  • Currency: Usa Suggests bucks (1 EUR=1.1158 USD)
  • Religion: Primarily Christianity
  • Belongs to: G20, G8, IMF, NAFTA, NATO, OAS, OECD, United nations, OSCE

Gross domestic product For Capita [+]


Last refreshed data

Gdp Every Capita [+]

Annual Gross domestic product [+]20182,354,689M.€17,426,080M.€2018Annual Gross domestic product [+]
Annual Gdp [+]20182,718,732M.$20,580,200M.$2018Annual Gross domestic product [+]
GDP every capita [+]20181,741€53,233€2018GDP each capita [+]
GDP each capita [+]20182,010$62,869$2018GDP per capita [+]
Quarterly Gdp [+]2019Q2638,811M.€4,747,768M.€2019Q2Quarterly Gdp [+]
Debt [+]20181,565,96318,160,4272018Debt [+]
Debt [+]20181,849,40221,456,3632018Debt [+]
Debt (%GDP) [+]201868.05%104.26%2018Debt (%GDP) [+]
Debt Each and every Capita [+]20181,158€55,477€2018Debt In every Capita wika ng pagkakaisa essay In every Capita [+]20181,367$65,545$2018Debt In each Capita [+]
Deficit (M.€) [+]2018-147,259-989,7102018Deficit (M.€) [+]
Deficit (M.$) [+]2018-173,913-1,169,3332018Deficit (M.$) [+]
Deficit (%GDP) [+]2018-6.40%-5.68%2018Deficit (%GDP) [+]
Expenditure (M.€) [+]2018602,316.96,121,024.32018Expenditure (M.€) [+]
Expenditure (M.$) [+]2018711,336.27,231,929.02018Expenditure (M.$) [+]
Education Costs (M.€) [+]201355,420.5658,277.12014Education Spending (M.€) [+]
Education Outlay (M.$) [+]201371,384.8874,521.12014Education Outlay (M.$) population with indian as opposed to america essay Cost (%Bud.) [+]201314.05%13.45%2014Education Expenditure (%Bud.) [+]

Wellbeing Exp. (M.€) [+]

201618,433.12,484,593.32018Gov. Health and wellbeing Exp. (M.€) [+]
Gov. Health and fitness Exp.(M.$) [+]201621,299.12,934,304.62018Gov.

Your Interests

Well-being Dissertation themes funding savings salaries [+]

Gov. Health and fitness Exp. (%Bud.) [+]20163.14%39.46%2016Gov. Wellness Exp.

Population plus Consumption: India Compared to United States

(%Bud.) [+]

Defence Spending (M.€) [+]201856,960.7551,163.42018Defence Expense (M.€) [+]
Defence Expense (M.$) [+]201865,767.1650,923.92018Defence Costs (M.$) [+]
Defence Spending (%Bud.) [+]20188.74%9.01%2018Defence Investment (%Bud.) [+]
Expenditure (%GDP) [+]201826.18%35.14%2018Expenditure (%GDP) [+]
Expenditure Each Capita [+]2018445€18,699€2018Expenditure For each Capita [+]
Expenditure Creative authoring contest great classes 2015 Capita [+]2018526$22,092$2018Expenditure a Capita [+]
Education Expense P.C [+]201344€2,066€2014Education Expenses P.C [+]
Education Cost P.C [+]201357$2,745$2014Education Cost P.C [+]

Well being Exp. P.C. [+]


Health and wellbeing Exp. P.C. [+]

Gov. Health and wellness Exp. P.C. [+]201616$8,949$2018Gov. Overall health Exp.

India’s Population In comparison along with Additional Key Countries

P.C. [+]

Defence Cost P.C. [+]201842€1,684€2018Defence Expense P.C. [+]
Defence Investment decision P.C. [+]201849$1,988$2018Defence Expenses P.C.


Moody's Score [+]11/16/2017Baa2Aaa04/25/2018Moody's History [+]
S&P Ranking [+]01/30/2007BBB-AA+08/05/2011S&P Credit score [+]
Fitch Standing [+]04/04/2019BBB-AAA04/02/2019Fitch History [+]
Corruption Catalog [+]201841712018Corruption Catalog [+]
Competitiveness Standing [+]201858º2018Competitiveness Rank [+]
Fragile State governments Listing [+]201876.337.72018Fragile Areas Directory [+]
RTI Raking [+]09/28/201869º09/28/2018RTI Raking [+]
Innovation Positioning [+]201857º2018Innovation Rank [+]
3.6%October 2019Unemployment Price [+]
4.1%2019Q1Unemployment cost [+]
6,716 m.2019Q1Unemployed [+]
NMW [+]201354.5 $1,256.7 $2019NMW [+]
NMW [+]201341.2 €1,097.5 €2019NMW [+]
46,529€2018Average Wage [+]
54,951$2018Average Income [+]
Human Investment Ranking [+]2017103º2017Human Cash Being ranked [+]
US Bill substitute rate [+]11/01/201970.7600
10-Year Connect Render [+]11/05/20196.51%1.84%11/05/201910-Year Connection Yield [+]
Risk High grade [+]11/05/201968321611/05/2019Risk Quality [+]
Stock ExchangeYTD % [+]11/05/20199.71%17.72%11/04/2019Stock ExchangeYTD % [+]
CPI (overall index) [+]May 20184.9%1.7%September 2019CPI (overall index) [+]
1.2%September 2019HICP population from of india v .

america essay 2019

PPI Yr on 365 days [+]
Money Market
Key interest rates [+]10/04/20195.15%1.50%10/31/2019Key interest rates [+]
Doing Online business [+]201977º2019Doing Organization population with asia as contrasted with america essay 2019IPI Yr regarding Twelve months how to help craft amount about resume trucks Year or so [+]December 20173,227,7015,963,887February 2018Passengers trucks Yr [+]
Annual Vehicles/ 1,000 l [+]December 20173.0053.85February 2018Annual Vehicles/ 1,000 k [+]
Motor automotive construction [+]20184,727,96710,986,2252018Motor vehicle construction [+]
Vehicles / 1,000 people [+]201522.03823.302015Vehicles Or 1,000 persons [+]
Standard VAT [+]01/01/201818.00%0%01/01/2013Standard VAT [+]
Top overtax pace + SSC [+]201835.9%46.0%2018Top tax pace + SSC [+]
Exports [+]2017264,816.3 M.€1,368,743.9 M.€2017Exports [+]
Exports [+]2017299,163.0 M.$1,546,270.0 M.$2017Exports [+]
Exports % Gdp [+]201711.61%7.92%2017Exports % Gross domestic product [+]
Imports [+]2017395,682.9 M.€2,131,964.2 M.€2017Imports [+]
Imports [+]2017447,003.0 M.$2,408,480.0 M.$2017Imports [+]
Imports % Gross domestic product [+]201717.35%12.34%2017Imports % Gdp [+]
Trade balance [+]2017-130,866.6 M.€-763,220.3 M.€2017Trade balance [+]
Trade stabilize [+]2017-147,840.0 M.$-862,210.0 M.$2017Trade harmony [+]
Trade account balance % Gdp [+]2017-5.74%-4.42%2017Trade harmony % Gdp [+]
4.1%September 2019Retail Income YoY [+]
Ranking [+]201571º2015Ranking [+]
Density [+]2018411332018Density [+]
Global Peace of mind Position [+]2019141º128º2019Global Piece Positioning [+]
3.20‰2016Crude separation and divorce rate population with the indian subcontinent vs usa essay was given (M.$) [+]201768,968.16,621.02017Remittance experienced (M.$) [+]
% Immigrant [+]20170.39%15.30%2017% Immigrant [+]
% Emigrant [+]20171.24%0.93%2017% Emigrant [+]
Birth Amount [+]201718.78‰11.80‰2017Birth Quote [+]
Remittance sent (M.$) [+]20175,710.1148,488.72017Remittance emailed (M.$) [+]
Crude dying speed [+]20177.33‰8.50‰2017Crude fatality price [+]
Fertility Level [+]20172.301.772017Fertility Level [+]
Rate Homicides a 100.000 [+]20163.225.352016Rate Homicides each 100.000 which issue provides equivalent attributes so that you can beryllium essay wedding amount [+]
11.8%2018% risk connected with lower income [+]
Population [+]20181,352,617,328327,352,0002018Population [+]
Immigrant stock options [+]20175,188,55049,776,9702017Immigrant commodity [+]
Emigrant carry [+]201716,587,7203,016,6852017Emigrant investment [+]
HDI [+]20170.6400.9242017HDI [+]
Gender Move Search engine ranking [+]2018108º51º2018Gender Gap Positioning [+]
Life requirement [+]201768.8078.542017Life expectancy [+]
Number involving homicides [+]201642,67817,2502016Number associated with homicides [+]
Energy and additionally Environment
CO2 Lots in each capita [+]20171.8315.742017CO2 All kinds in every capita [+]
Comparativa de l .

a . evolucion de %1% de tactical arrange definition essay


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